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The Performance Academy believes that proper training requires a serious, focused approach that is personalized for each athlete’s strengths, weaknesses, and individual performance goals.  When an athlete comes through the doors of TPAto train, they will be stepping into a motivating environment where maximizing an athlete’s potential and performance is the driving force.

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Speed & Agility

Speed and Agility Training focuses on functional, practical training to help each athlete reach his or her potential. Our model is a comprehensive approach which centers on core areas of:

By addressing these areas in a thorough, systematic fashion, athletes will improve their athleticism, reduce risk of injury and improve sports-specific performance. All of our training is done with emphasis on building character as well as improving athletic performance. Our trainers and staff are committed to instilling values of self-discipline, focus, hard work, intensity, determination, teamwork and perseverance.

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In season programs are also constructed for athletes to ensure their bodies stay ready for competition year round. Every exercise, set, and rep performed at TPA has a purpose. That purpose is to improve the performance of our athletes and to also decrease their potential risk for injury. We achieve this goal by enhancing mobility, strength, power, and muscle mass.

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Adult Fitness

Adult group training at The Performance Academy is not your average workout! By constantly varying the frequency, intensity, time and type, we have created a workout that will prove to be challenging and rewarding. During our 60 minute (Monday-Wednesday-Friday) classes, participants will go through an active warm-up, mobility and flexibility excercises. Also, a variety of training styles and methods including but not limited to tabata intervals, circuit training, bodyweight training, battle ropes, TRX, kettlebells and much more!
Tuesday and Thursday classes are also 60 minuties but follow a structured resistance training program in our professionally equipped weight room. Group training at TPA is great for those looking to improve strength, flexibility, conditioning, balance/coordination and body composition.
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Class Schedule:
6:00am to 7:00am Monday-Friday
9:00am to 10:00am Monday-Friday


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Personal Training

TPA’s Private Lessons are the best way to address the individual needs of our athletes.  We understand that every player is different and comes to us with different skill sets.  We pride ourself on being able to relate, and teach, to any age and ability level.  We found that teaching certain absolutes or fundamentals is the best way to positively enhance our players skill level, rather than teaching particular swing styles. 
Our instructors realize that every student is built a little differently – physically, mentally and emotionally, and will fit our instruction to get the best out of every student!

We offer the following individual private lessons:
All Individual Lessons are 40 minutes.
We do offer multi-session discounts if you purchase the following packages:
*Discounts can’t be applied to lesson packages!
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Return To Sport

Every athlete is concerned about injury and the potential consequences of that injury. It doesn’t mean you can’t return to an active lifestyle. Following comprehensive and effective reconditioning and with doctor approval, you can once again return to those sports that you love.
TPA’s Return-to-Sport Program provides athletes, who may still be in physical therapy or recovering from an injury, a healthy transition back to the game while focusing on correct form and minimizing the risk of re-injury. Our goal is to guide all athletes back to the playing field with the appropriate strength, speed and power that they had before their injury.
TPA’s sports specialists work with the athlete’s physical therapists, athletic trainers and surgeons to best understand each athlete’s unique situation. This interaction between TPA and the clinicians enables the TPA specialist to best design and prescribe specific strength and conditioning programs. Additionally each athlete’s fitness, nutrition, training maturity, physical and mental development are assessed in order to best design an individualized program to re-strengthen and recondition the athlete.
The Return-to-Sport Program may consist of the following sub-programs:
Speed & Agility Training
Personal Training
Fascial Stretch Therapy
Group Training


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